About Us

LCD Display Manufacturer

Ocular Enterprises is a world leader in the design and manufacture of LCD display solutions for an expanding line of products that includes displays for telecommunications and non-PC Internet devices; test, measurement and diagnostic instruments, handheld data management equipment, and automotive and avionics displays.

  • Broad Technology Product Offering - TN, STN, FSTN
  • Market Focus: Industrial, Consumer, Handheld/Mobile Devices, Automotive
  • Has the Market Expertise and IP to Respond to Demanding Miniaturization, Operating Environment, and Performance.
  • An Established LCD Manufacturer,
  • Product Lifecycle Commitment & Program Management
  • Global Manufacturing and Sales Presence


Ocular Enterprises has followed an aggressive policy of growth and expansion and now serves customers through an extensive in-field network of applications engineers.

Ocular's strategic affiliations in manufacturing components and supply chain management allow for important advantages in material availability, technology sharing, cycle time reduction, and local content.