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Ocular Enterprises provides:


  • Custom electronics design & product development/prototyping service: This covers the design, prototyping and development of electronic circuit. We design according to the requirements of the customer. We will provide customers the expertise to concrete any  technical constraint.
  • Embedded systems design (hardware and firmware/software): An embedded system is the one that "embeds" a microprocessor (commonly called as "processor") or a microcontroller (MCU) into the electronics design. Some applications require embedded microcontrollers in them and we will help in the integration to the LCD display. Embedded systems design are a common part of any electronic systems & used in most of our designs, its worth mentioning it as a separate service since some customers might be specifically looking for this service.
  • PCB (printed circuit board) design & prototyping (single & multilayer):The printed circuit board, commonly referred to as the "PCB", also called Printed Wiring Boards (PWB), is an inherent part of every electronic hardware. This is a board (usually green colored) which supports and interconnects all the parts together. Every custom electronics hardware that we design includes PCB layout designing, prototyping & assembly by default. We can also offer PCB layout designing (PCB designing for short) & prototyping as a standalone service in order to convert any existing schematic diagrams that you might have already designed into fully assembled prototypes.
  • Re-engineering services to lower manufacturing costs or to correct flaws of existing designs:

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